Welcome to Convergent.Studio

We are proud to announce the launch of Convergent.Studio, a pilot program with the goal of increasing interaction and flow between the Kelowna arts and technology communities. This month-long residency provides up-and-coming artists with an immersive work experience, mentorship and interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and technologists.

The success outcome—new relationships formed, new initiatives developed and a culture of intensive collaboration between typically disparate community groups. Our ambition is to create new examples of how technology and the arts are intertwined, illustrating the symbiotic nature of art and tech in how the works are created with the goal of highlighting the creative immersed in a technology environment, and the technologist in a creative environment.

We are envisioning a cultural hub where educational, artistic, and entrepreneurial values are cultivated and exchanged. This project will be supported through careful consideration of the environment, qualities of the immersion, programs, events and activities, and types of collaboration with others.

Who are we attracting?

A newcomer or up-and-comer in the Okanagan artist community who is looking for an opportunity to work in a different environment, learn new skills and develop relationships. Ideally, an artist who is looking to challenge their normal working patterns, and is willing to share their experiences with the wider public.

The artist should have a brief in mind that they would like to work on for the duration of the residency, and has identified a need for expertise from the technology community. Our aim is that the residency would result in at least one finished work, or if not 100% complete, at least sufficiently so that the completion in the proceeding 2-3 months is extremely likely.

Interested in applying? Review our artist submission requirements.