Mentors work within our program supporting artists through evaluation, coaching, collaborative learning, as well as providing deep access to a network of expertise in the Okanagan. The mentor team’s primary objective is to support the artist’s growth for greater success with their residency project.

The mentorship process will be very different for each Convergent.Studio artist depending on the artist’s needs. Mentors have a genuine interest in the arts and the outcome of each project, and will advise their artist mentee on next steps and processes which may help them achieve their goals.

Want to be a mentor?

Are you an experienced professional looking for ways to connect and support the arts community? Then joining Convergent.Studio is the perfect opportunity.

By offering your knowledge and support you can make a tremendous impact on new  and up-and-coming artists, and it could have a profound impact on you.

A mentoring relationship enables you to:

  • Develop strengths and nurture leadership capabilities
  • Practice offering constructive and positive feedback
  • Learn to generate practical solutions
  • Motivate, advise, and support whist empowering someone to take responsibility for their future.

Mentoring will give you increased professional and personal satisfaction, while the rewards of seeing someone you’ve helped progress and succeed are immeasurable.

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